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 Monitoring Service

Our Monitoring Service can...

Monitor your IVR, Contact Center, SMS Application, Auto Attendant, Customer Service lines and Fax.

Alerts sent to your support staff!

You are in Control!

No hardware to purchase.
No software to install.
Multiple alert types (Email, SMS, Phone, SNMP, HipChat) available.
You set the monitoring rules (frequency, alerts, etc.)

International and always open!

Our service supports customers in 15 different countries.
Our 24/7 Command Center is always available to make sure your business needs are taken care of.

Try our service!

We have piece of mind that our customer calls are reaching us without incident. This service is invaluable to our Sales and Marketing departments.

- Simplex Healthcare.

How does our service work?

We create custom programs to meet your business needs. We automate the simulation of a real customer call and/or transaction. This validates that your customers can reach you and they are being serviced as expected. If we find an issue, automated alerts are sent to your support staff so they can proactively address the issue before it becomes "customer impacting".

What do we Monitor?

Currently we monitor. IVR, SMS applications, Automated Attendants, Contact Center, Customer Service Lines, T1 circuits, Fax lines. We are working on Monitoring other technologies, so stay tuned!

Why iMonitorIT?

  • Low cost per validation
  • Customized to your needs
  • Fast setup
  • Flexible options
  • 24/7 command center
  • Reporting/SLA

SMS Text application
Auto Attendant / Contact Center / Customer Service lines