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Our 24/7 Command Center staff is always available to provide support for your monitoring requests. We are offer "hands on" assistance to customize a monitoring solution that fits your business needs. We are ready to collaborate and provide solutions for your business challenges.

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24/7 Monitoring

We offer 24/7 Monitoring that can be customized to fit your business needs. You can dynamically change your monitoring rules (frequency, alerts, etc.) and monitoring script changes.

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Identify Root Cause quickly

Our alerts will identify what step your monitor failed on and we will attach a wav file recording of the validation call to help you identify the root cause... In addition, we can customize the alerts sent to your support staff to include instructions to help your staff quickly navigate to a resolution.

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We have piece of mind that our customer calls are reaching us without incident. This service is invaluable to our Sales and Marketing departments.

Simplex Healthcare

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We were very happy to find that there is no hardware to purchase or software to install for this monitoring service. Very cost effective!

One West Bank

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imonitorit tracking
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How does our service work?

We create a custom monitoring solution to meet your business needs. We automate the simulation of a real customer call and/or transaction. This validates that your customers can reach you and they are being serviced as expected. If we find an issue, automated alerts are sent to your support staff so they can proactively address the issue before it becomes "customer impacting".

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What Is IVR Monitoring anyway?

Our IVR monitoring solution is a cost-effective and easy-to-use service that is responsible for actively monitoring both your IVR and call center systems. We’ll test out your IVR every 15, 30, or 60 minutes to detect any issues before they occur and will generate alerts so that you are notified immediately.
Using DTMF tones, speech synthesis, and speech recognition technology, our solution interacts with your system to measure and report what is being delivered to your call center applications. However, before you are notified – and in order to ensure your system isn’t receiving false alerts – our monitoring system will triple check your IVR using multiple carriers.

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Why Choose iMonitorIT

We are one of best IVR Monitoring and Testing solutions providers since 2000.

Expert Technicians

Over 20 years of experience in IVR Technology solutions. We have helped our clients ensire that their customer operations are preforming as expected.

Professional Service

We provide state of art technologies for our IVR Monitoring solutions.

Great Support

Our 24/7 Command Center is always available to make sure your business needs are taken care of.

Technical Skills

Our Team consist of highly skilled technicians that can design custom monitoring solutions for your business needs.

Highly Recomended

Our clients appreciate that our IVR Monitoring services is very cost effective and helps them meet their SLA commitments. No hardware or software to install. Please Contact us to know more.

Positive Reviews

Our clients have been loyal because we provide a great service at a fair price. Please Contact us to know more.

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valued Support Guaranteed

By leveraging technologies and the volume discounts we receive from our carriers, we are able to pass those savings to you! We can keep cost down without sacrificing quality and the service levels you expect.

Consumers care first and foremost about having their time valued. We strive for clarity, trustworthiness, clear rational, and being informed. We provide complete details of failures and provide contact points on why calls failed.

We Believe that
Customer success is
Our Success

Please check the video on how IVR Monitoring works.