What is “iMonitorIT” IVR monitoring?

iFront End Technologies has created an automated monitoring service called “iMonitorIT”. This service will provide pro-active IVR monitoring of your customer service entry points. This will allow your support staff to rapidly address issues before they become extended outages or customer impacting. Our iMonitorIT monitoring service is trusted internationally. We currently have clients in 15 different countries and can support multiple languages.

Your automated IVR application was designed for a reason... to provide quick, efficient automated self- service for your customers, but if your IVR system is not working as your company has designed it... well that is a problem.

If your IVR application entry point is not working, then you will be impacting your customers, losing revenue and negatively impacting your SLA (Service Level Agreement). Using our iMonitorIT IVR monitoring service you will be able to ensure that your customers can reach your support lines 24 hours a day/7 day a week. If our IVR monitoring service finds any issues, we will alert your support staff immediately. In addition, we will record the phone call that we made, tell you where the call is failing, provide instructions to your support staff so they can quickly identify the root cause.

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How does our IVR monitoring service iMonitorIT work?

There is nothing to install on your systems. iMonitorIT is an external IVR monitoring service that can be configured quickly for your business needs.

iFront End Technologies will create a customized solution utilizing their “iMonitorIT” IVR monitoring application. Our IVR monitoring solution utilizes speech recognition technologies that will call the requested number(s) at the desired frequency and goes through each step of a customized IVR monitoring automation program.

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