“iMonitorIT” IVR monitoring command center support

You are not alone! Our iMonitorIT IVR monitoring command center staff is ready to service your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to ensure your IVR monitors are running as expected.

Although iMonitorIT is an automated service, we have a 24/7 command center ready to make sure your monitors are running correctly and ready to provide your company support.

The most effective way to contact our 24 hour IVR monitoring command center is to send an email provided to you on signup.

Alternately you can call 1-877-385-5006, option 1 for IVR monitoring support.

As you will find out that many “Cloud” companies (Software as a service – SasS) are very difficult to reach when you need support. The typically experience is that you send an email to them and you will get an automated response and a ticket is open… and then you wait… and wait and wait.

You will never experience that with our iMonitorIT IVR monitoring service because we are very customer centric and your problem is our problem. That is why are staff will respond quickly and if need they will escalate until your issue is resolved.

Call us at +1-877-385-5006 Select 2 from IVR or Contact us or you can start your Trial to get started with iMonitorIT today

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