About iMonitorIT

iFront End Technologies, Inc. was established in 2000. Located in the United States, we provide solutions to customers in over 15 different countries. We specialize in IT and Contact Center technologies, providing solutions and support to our customers in multiple industries.


iFront End Technologies has become a leader in providing technology solutions focusing on customer centric business needs. We have deployed solutions to major Health Insurance, Financial, Entertainment and Telecommunication leaders. In addition to providing support for our solutions, we can design business contingency and disaster recovery automation to ensure your customers are not impacted during outages.


We strive to use leading and open standard technologies to avoid being "locked in" to a perticular vendor or proprietary solution when it makes sense for the customer. These are some of the technologies we have utilized in previous projects: Contact Center - PBX, IP-PBX, ACD, Call Recording, WFM, CTI, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech(TTS), Click to Call, SMS Text, Web Services and transactions, XML, SOAP. Programming - VXML, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Linix scripts, PeriProducer, MPS Developer. Telephony / Networking - TDM, T1, SMS Gateway, MPLS, SIP Gateway, VOIP, Load Balancing, Switches, Routers. Web - Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, SOAP, XML, Web Services. Database - Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL.